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Hainan Airlines Group entrusts STRADE with A350, 787 & 737 components list!

20 Jun 2024 | Amsterdam
We are pleased to announce the immediate access for our customers to a significant list of A350, 787 and 737 components and tools. Hainan Airlines Group has entrusted STRADE with the sales and marketing of a multi-million asset list as part of its inventory optimization.
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Navigating Through Turbulence: The 2023 Aviation Market and trends for the new year

09 Jan 2023 | Zurich
Just starting into 2024, we would like to take a moment to reflect on 2023, its challenges and trends for the new year and beyond.
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Elevating the Skies: Cultivating the Right Environment for Talent in the Aviation Industry

18 Oct 2023 | Amsterdam
Recruitment in the aviation industry is not just about filling positions; it’s about finding individuals who can contribute to the sustainable and safe growth and innovation of the sector.
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Collaboration Spotlight: STRADE and Sanad!

18 Oct 2023 | Amsterdam
We are thrilled to announce the signature of a new multiyear, multimillion, consignment partnership between STRADE and Sanad, the global aerospace engineering and leasing solutions leader wholly owned by Mubadala Investment Company PJSC (Mubadala) and based in Abu Dhabi!
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Exciting Contractual Alliance: APACS & STRADE Ltd.!

27 Sep 2023 | Singapore
 STRADE Ltd. is pleased to reveal a consignment agreement with Asia Pacific Aircraft Component Services Sdn. Bhd. (APACS), a leading provider of aircraft component repairs in Asia!
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STRADE’s European Warehouse Relocation: A New Address for the Same Excellence!

11 Sep 2023 | Amsterdam
We are excited to announce that we have officially moved to our new European Warehouse address 📍 Schillingweg 40, 2153 PL Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands! This relocation marks a significant milestone for STRADE, as we continue to expand and better serve our airline, MRO, and trade customers.
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Aircraft Teardowns: STRADE’s Complementary Solution to Overcome 787 Spare Parts Shortages

08 Jun 2023 | Zurich
As air travel demand rebounds, the surge in supply chain activities has caused challenges for airlines and maintenance providers. STRADE is leveraging the first 787 aircraft teardowns as a reliable source of high-quality used serviceable material (USM), providing cost-effective and dependable spare parts solutions while championing environmental sustainability.
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Name this part – Flow Control Valve (FCV)

08 Jun 2023 | Zurich
Explore and discover more about features and functionalities of the variuous aircraft components!
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We preserve to deserve this planet!

05 Jun 2023 | Zurich
Each STRADE location brings two trees to the world. We are so proud of our dedicated employees who initiated an incredible celebration of World Environment Day.
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STRADE starts digital component traceability use case with SITA

11 Apr 2023 | Zurich
As leading provider of aviation component services, we are proud to announce our intensifying cooperation with SITA in innovating aircraft lifecycle management.
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MRO Europe – Pressure on the Supply Chain

04 Oct 2022 | London
A buzzing MRO Europe in London, with record participation levels, reflected the market uptake in the aviation services segment.
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MRO Asia-Pacific takeaways

04 Oct 2022 | Singapore
What are our key takeaways from the recent MRO Asia event in Singapore? Find out!
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MRO Asia-Pacific

13 Sep 2022 | Zurich
Our team is looking forward to (re)connecting with our customers and partners!
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Partnership with AvSight

09 Sep 2022 | Zurich
AvSight’s innovative software platform has provided an improved experience for our customers.
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Managing cash flow in airline operations and MRO projects

08 Jul 2021 | Zurich
Having a tight grip on cash flow management is key for any airline operations or MRO project. When disrupted by unforeseen events such as the covid19 crisis, the matter can become a subject of real material concern. In those situations, it is comforting to have a flexible partner with attractive financing solutions at hand.
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A shift in operators’ MRO and material availability strategy?

16 Apr 2021 | Zurich
The covid19 pandemic has put aviation in its biggest crisis ever. As operators see huge revenue losses they now look differently at their component rotable support. Oliver Gubler, STRADE’s Head of Digitalization and Strategy, sees that flight hour-based agreements, often including minimum flight hours / minimum fleet clauses are becoming less attractive. Flexible ad-hoc Used Serviceable Material (USM) support is on the way up.
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Lease options on high-quality aircraft parts

18 Jan 2021 | Zurich
As a consequence of the wind-down of its Integrated Component Services offering a sizeable volume of high-quality components in top condition are available at various locations in the world and across a large variety of aircraft types. STRADE is offering tailormade leasing solutions satisfying your needs, whether short- or long-term, at competitive rates.

Selected high demand components incl. 787 rotables available

18 Jan 2021 | London, Miami, Kuala Lumpur
STRADE, SR Technics’ new components brand, today issued its newest list of quality components now available for sale. Specific rotables incl. 787 material and originating from its +25000 component’s pool are now up for sales at competitive pricing. STRADE’s warehouses are located in London, Miami and Kuala Lumpur.

SR Technics launches new components brand: STRADE

18 Jan 2021 | Zurich
Continuing its revised strategy focusing on engines and line maintenance services, SR Technics today launched STRADE powered by SR Technics. The new component services brand will operate as an independent subsidiary inside the group. It will benefit from SR Technics’ legacy in aircraft know-how and product reliability to offer 24/7 quality rotable services to customers worldwide. STRADE is offering component sale, lease, loan and exchange services on all major aircraft platforms.