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Frequently Asked Questions

Why “STRADE powered by SR Technics”?

SR Technics has listened to the market demand for more ad-hoc and flexible rotable spares support. As such it launched a new component services setup based on a new operating model and with a distinct branding. STRADE inherits SR Technics’ 90 years of MRO experience and large pool of quality components (+25000) and combines it with a renewed digital operating model and focus on customer services excellence. This is reflected in its name and branding.

What is the difference between SR Technics and STRADE?

STRADE is SR Technics’ new brand for component services as such it does not constitute a separate legal entity i.e. not requiring customers and suppliers to change any formal paperwork or approvals for doing business. STRADE operates as an independent unit of SR Technics Switzerland Ltd. It has full autonomy in terms of operations, commercial and customer services yet is fully integrated in the company’s corporate and quality governance.

Where is STRADE located?

STRADE is operating 24/7/365 from its customer services centers in Asia (Kuala Lumpur), Europe (Belgrade) and the Americas (Miami). There is always someone available around the world and around the clock to personally take care of a component request. STRADE’s large component pool is located at its warehouses strategically located around the globe in Europe (London), the Americas (Miami) and Asia (Kuala Lumpur). STRADE’s headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland.

Do I need to audit STRADE before engaging in any business activity?

STRADE is a brand of SR Technics and as such, if SR Technics is already an approved supplier in your system, there is no need to perform a survey audit in order to do business with STRADE.

Do I need to upload STRADE as a new supplier in my company’s IT system(s)?

As STRADE is a brand of SR Technics, it is not necessary to set up STRADE as a new supplier in your system. The invoices will come from SR Technics and the payments will be made to SR Technics as per the normal, existing channels.

What quality approvals / certificates does STRADE hold?

STRADE is a brand of SR Technics and as such it is fully part of its quality and safety management system. It follows SR Technics’ approvals and certificates including and in particular EN9120 for Distribution and Storage. Details on all SR Technics’ certificates can be found under https://www.srtechnics.com/safety-quality/certifications-approvals/

What is STRADE’s services offering?

STRADE offers 24/7/365 worldwide component support in form of sales, loan and exchange. STRADE’s asset base (+25000 components) covers all major Airbus, Boeing and Embraer platforms. Business with STRADE can be done on ad-hoc / on demand basis and / or through a dedicated bilateral agreement in form of preferred supplier setup e.g. through a GTA. STRADE can also offer larger component packages at competitive pricing.

Does STRADE offer component repair services?

While STRADE provides ad-hoc component support, it does not offer repair cycle management or shop repair services. STRADE focuses entirely on offering customer services excellence in sale, loan and exchange of components through an efficient operating model. The ambition is to offer the fastest and leanest customer support. STRADE is happy to connect repair requests to SR Technics’ shops in Zurich, Malaysia and Spain.

Does STRADE offer Power By the Hour component services?

STRADE answers the market demand for flexible and ad-hoc spares support. As such, it does not offer flight hour based solutions but focuses on efficient and speedy response to rotable needs. As a former provider of flight hour based services, SR Technics has a large pool of components for most Airbus, Boeing and Embraer platforms which STRADE is now offering to the market under a new operating model.

Will I receive a PO confirmation from STRADE?

Any purchase order issued during the course of doing business of STRADE, will be for and on behalf of SR Technics. You may continue to invoice SR Technics as you do today, and the invoice will be paid by SR Technics.

Will I receive an invoice from STRADE?

As STRADE is a brand of SR Technics Switzerland Ltd. it does not constitute a separate legal entity i.e. not requiring customers and suppliers to change any formal paperwork or approvals for doing business. As such, the invoices may carry a STRADE logo at some point in the future, the invoices you receive will be from SR Technics.

How do I order a component (for buying, loan or exchange) from STRADE?

If you are looking for an offer on a specific rotable or package deal, get in touch with aog@strade.aero or reach out to our Sales team via the contact page of the www.strade.aero website.

Are the SR Technics contact references not valid anymore e.g. phone or components@srtechnics.com email?

As always you can contact our 24/7 AOG service at components@srtechnics.com, but we encourage you to change your outgoing emails to aog@strade.aero. The responses you receive from us going forward will be from the strade.aero domain name. Our telephone numbers will remain the same for the foreseeable future, and we will continue to field your phone calls to our main numbers, as listed below.

  • Asia-Pacific: +603 9212 5855
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa: +41 43 501 2988
  • Americas: +1 855 778 2649

Who can I contact for more information on STRADE?

If you wish to know more or have another question, reach out to our Sales team via the contact page of the www.strade.aero website.

What does the change to STRADE bring to me as a customer?

The inherited large component pool from SR Technics’ former services, allows STRADE to offer you an even larger scope of quality rotables for sale, loan and exchange. It comes with additional flexibility (e.g. more available for sale and not just exchanges) and competitive pricing. As a customer of STRADE, you will continue to benefit from the know-how and quality focus that is built into the DNA of SR Technics with over 90 years of MRO experience.

What is the STRADE logo representing?

The logo reflects the various dimensions of SR Technics’ new brand: the “S” and “powered by SR Technics” clearly mark our swiss focus on the quality of our products and our services. It also shows our pride in being a unit of SR Technics with its long MRO experience and know-how. The new font and look reflect our attention to speed and a renewed operating model. Finallly, the font and design “E” reflect our digitalization journey and ambition.

Contact our 24/7 hotline now!

Our worldwide customer services team can be reached 24/7/365 via email or phone. Whether you are looking for a specific rotable on AOG basis or need a packaged component solution: we stand ready to find an efficient solution that solves your problem.