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Aircraft Teardowns: STRADE’s Complementary Solution to Overcome 787 Spare Parts Shortages

As the air travel demand is close to a full recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a surge in supply chain activities at suppliers and OEMs has created a shortage of spare parts, posing challenges for airlines and maintenance providers. STRADE is now leveraging the first 787 aircraft teardowns as a reliable source of used serviceable material (USM) for this aircraft platform. This strategic decision emphasizes STRADE’s commitment to innovation and determination to stay at the forefront of the aerospace sector. While the first components entered STRADE’s warehouse, here is a reflection on the general concept of aircraft teardowns.

Aircraft teardowns involve dismantling aircraft that are either out of service or economically unviable to operate. During this process, all usable parts are carefully removed, inspected, overhauled, and made available for sale as USM to airlines, maintenance providers, and repair shops. This approach provides a cost-effective and dependable source of spare parts, effectively addressing the current shortages in the industry.

STRADE recognizes the benefits of using aircraft teardowns as a strategic solution for obtaining USM:

Cost-Effectiveness: By harnessing aircraft teardowns, STRADE offers a cost-effective solution to airlines and maintenance providers seeking spare parts. USM typically comes at a lower cost compared to new parts, making it an attractive option for organizations looking to optimize their expenses while maintaining the quality and reliability of their aircraft.

Reliability: Aircraft teardowns yield parts that are generally in excellent condition, as they have undergone regular maintenance and inspections throughout the operational life of the aircraft. STRADE ensures that all parts from teardowns go through a rigorous repair cycle and receive fresh tags, including full traceability checks back to their manufacturing origins. This ensures that the USM provided is of high quality and can be relied upon by customers.

Environmental Sustainability: STRADE places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and recognizes the significance of reducing waste and minimizing the demand for new parts. By engaging in aircraft teardowns, STRADE actively contributes to the recycling and reuse of components from decommissioned aircraft. This approach helps lower the environmental impact of aircraft manufacturing and supports the industry’s journey towards a more sustainable future.

Increased Availability: Utilizing aircraft teardowns as a source for USM increases the availability of spare parts in the market. As more aircraft are decommissioned due to the post-pandemic recovery or other factors, the supply of USM is expected to grow. This expanded availability helps alleviate the current shortages, providing airlines and maintenance providers with a wider range of options to effectively maintain their aircraft fleets.

In conclusion, the aviation industry continues to face challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including spare parts shortages. STRADE has embraced 787 aircraft teardowns as a component of its material access strategy, enabling the provision of attractive, high-quality USM services to airlines, lessors, and maintenance providers.

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