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Name this part – Flow Control Valve (FCV)

This component is called Flow Control Valve (FCV), let’s learn more about it!

The main purpose of the Flow Control Valve (FCV) is to ensure a constant rate of air flow in an air conditioning system. It also allows the air flow to be limited or completely stopped if necessary or in the case of an anomaly.

The Flow Control Valve essentially consists of:

– a pneumatic regulator,

– an electropneumatic regulator,

– a butterfly valve,

– electrical and pneumatic connecting parts.

The Flow Control Valve, operated by a pneumatic actuator, ensures functions such as air flow regulation, shutdown when needed, overheat protection at the compressor outlet, and sufficient inlet pressure for proper air machine operation in the cooling pack.

It is subject to periodical visual inspection, testing and performance evaluation, cleaning, replacement of wear parts… Strict adherence to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines is crucial for ensuring the proper upkeep of the unit.

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