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STRADE starts digital component traceability use case with SITA

STRADE, as leading provider of aviation component services, is proud to announce its intensifying cooperation with SITA in innovating aircraft lifecycle management. Together with other forward-thinking industry partners, STRADE and SITA seek to harness the power of digital technology to transform the way the aviation supply chains operate. STRADE will pioneer a proof of concept in the MRO space, implementing newest digital technology solutions to increase transparency, traceability, and efficiency in the growing Used Serviceable Material (USM) market.

“We have been working for a while with the teams at SITA and look forward to now start a well-defined proof-of-concept.” says Job Arnold, co-founder and director of STRADE. “By leveraging the power of digital technology like blockchain, we aim to co-develop concrete solutions for our customers that will step-change the way components are tracked, traced and transacted”.

Interested in knowing more? Join STRADE and SITA at the MRO Americas – April 18-20, 2023 in Atlanta – for more insights in the use case during a conference speech.

STRADE looks forward to building a more sustainable and efficient future for aviation supply chain operations with SITA.