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Managing cash flow in airline operations and MRO projects

While airlines transition from traditional power-by-the-hour component support solutions to more flexible ad-hoc Used Serviceable Material (USM) services, the demand for self-controlled on-site stocks (AOG stock, Main Base Kit) have soared. Many operators step out of their past component support solution and engage in self-managed material management. This often includes investing in rotables and more particularly to secure operational reliability via generous on-site stocks. This brings comfort yet comes at a price. For MRO’s engaged in component support upfront capital expenditure investments for new or ongoing projects have become a real hurdle to success. While they are often restricted by tighter internal cash management rules or by boundary conditions set by covid19 financial support received (government, bank loans, others) it becomes difficult to remain competitive in view of investments.

William G. TAN, Vice President Corporate Logistics & Services Department, Philippine Airlines: while we are optimizing our current component support, moving away from the traditional, power by the hour solutions, STRADE was able to offer us a practical and flexible solution on our A320 and A330 fleet on-site stock needs

Since mid-2020, STRADE has successfully cooperated with leading airlines and MRO partners to support their asset requirements through flexible component package lease options. STRADE has created an instrument to engage in defining the package needs, offering attractive lease rates, and ensuring service flexibility over the lease period. This includes flexibility mechanisms in terms of the lease duration and rate e.g. giving its customers opportunities to change the content of the lease while gathering operational experience.

Chris Hooley, Director – Airframe Division at AERFIN LIMITED: We work with STRADE for some of our component support projects and leverage their large asset base in a flexible lease solution.” 

Ongoing lease solutions are active around the world, covering aircraft platforms such as Embraer 190, Airbus A330 and A320 (CEO and NEO), 737 and 787. With a large rotable pool STRADE can support short interim leases up to long-term solutions.

For more information contact STRADE under aog@strade.aero or the Sales Team Contact – STRADE